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Department of Civil Engineering, Anna University, shall strive hard to develop and impart technical knowledge and professional skills required for Civil Engineering practice through excellence in teaching, research and consultancy to address sustainable infrastructure development needs at local, national and international levels.


Department of Civil Engineering, Anna University shall contribute to technological and social development by

  Providing a firm scientific and technological base in Civil Engineering to achieve self-reliance.

  Providing quality education through innovation in teaching practices at par with global standards.

  Nurturing leadership and entrepreneurship qualities with ethical values.

  Developing and disseminating latest knowledge and technologies in emerging areas of Civil Engineering.

  Sharing intellectual resources and infrastructure facilities through collaborative partnership.

  Ensuring supporting conditions for enhancing the employability skills.


The Department of Civil Engineering of Anna University is the oldest in the Country. It dates back to May 17, 1794, when the East India Company established a Survey School to train military personnel and surveyors. This has grown to a Civil Engineering School in 1858 and later a Civil Engineering College in 1859.

Over the years with the help of dedicated group of people, it expanded to the present level as one of a highly reputed group of Civil Engineering Departments in the country. Presently the Department of Civil Engineering has six well established disciplines - Structures, Water Resources, Soil Mechanics, Environmental Engineering, Urban Engineering and Remote Sensing.

Divisions & Centres of Excellence


  Division of Structural Engineering

  Division of Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering

  Division of Transportation Engineering

Centres of Excellence:

  Centre for Water Resources

  Centre for Environmental        studies

  Centre for Climate Change        and Disaster Management

  Institute of Remote Sensing

  Institute for Ocean        Management

  Building Technology Centre